Review Policy

Hi! Thank you for checking out this page.

I am currently accepting book reviews. I do not limit myself on a single genre. I want to explore different genres and who knows, I might come love them. I am usually reading Young Adult Fiction books, from  contemporary to dystopian to thriller.

The book formats I accept are finished copies (both hardcover and paperback), and print ARCs. I also accept E-book copies of the books that will caught my interest. Not all requests will be approved.

If you would want me to review your book/s please don’t hesitate to email me. I always give my honest review about your book. I can give 5/5 ratings if I really loved your book.

Please note that I’m an international reader from Philippines, if you’re still willing to send me a physical copy, I would prioritize your book in my tbr pile.

If you have any questions or concerns please drop me an email: mailthebookmaiden (at) gmail (dot) com

or you can also DM me on instagram and twitter.

Thank you so much!

xoxo,Tin ❤


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