35 Blog Post Ideas That You Can Use On Your Next Post

blog post ideas

I don’t know if it’s just me, but there are times that I don’t know what to write aside from the usual book reviews and monthly wrap-ups. Blog ideas are really harder than you think. I listed below some blog post ideas that you can use on your next post in case you still don’t know what to post to keep your blog active.

  1. List the reasons why you started blogging
  2. Share your favorite childhood books
  3. Share your favorite bookish quotes
  4. List the things you wish you’d known before you started blogging
  5. Create a playlist of your favorite 5 star read
  6. List 20 non-bookish facts about you
  7. Make a discussion post about film or TV adaptation – whether you love them or you hate them
  8. List 50 thoughts on your current read
  9. Write about your favorite genre
  10. Create your own fictional bucket list
  11. Recommend bookish gifts for birthdays or holidays
  12. Write about your experience with readathons
  13. List your favorite books from your favorite genre
  14. Make a “If you like this movie, read this book” post
  15. Share under-hype books that captured your heart
  16. Recommend books perfect for Spring
  17. Recommend books perfect for Summer
  18. Recommend books perfect for Fall
  19. Recommend books perfect for Winter
  20. Create a character aesthetics of your favorite characters
  21. Create a book aesthetics of your favorite books
  22. List the books you would love to see in the big screen
  23. Share your auto-buy authors and your favorite book from them
  24. Event recap about that fun bookish event you recently attended
  25. Discuss diversity books with your followers
  26. Make a recipe for your favorite book – something that would remind you of that book
  27. Share your book blogging tips
  28. Write a post on how you rate your reviews
  29. Share the story behind your blog name
  30. List of book bloggers you look up to
  31. Do a guest post with other bloggers
  32. Share your monthly anticipated reads
  33. Make an open letter to your favorite author/s
  34. Make an open letter to your favorite character/s
  35. Create your own blog post ideas like this


Above are just some of the ideas I currently have in mind. I might make another post like this after I compiled a longer list than this. You will also read a blog post about the ideas I’ve written in this post some time in the future.

Do you guys have any blog post ideas you’d want to share? 

I’d love to know in the comments down below.

xoxo,Tin ❤


11 thoughts on “35 Blog Post Ideas That You Can Use On Your Next Post

  1. Ohh thank you for thoses! I love how some can be sort of repeated aswell.. like underhyped book for exemple, you can list 5 now and list some more on another time !

    Keeping this bookmarked in case I need it xx


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