How to Find FREE BOOKS in Kindle


Have you ever wondered why some of your bookworm friends have ton of ebooks in their Kindle? I have a friend with over two thousand books on her ereader. What?! When she finishes one book, she just starts another without even having to shop for a book in the Kindle store.
I did a little research to figure out the best places to get free Kindle books and I discovered it’s actually pretty easy to load up your Kindle with thousand of free ebooks. It might take some time, but it’s easy.

Here’s a few ways to do it:
1) Browse free books by genre
Visit JustKindleBook’s free book page. They’ve made it easy to browse free books by genre and sub-gerne. Amazon pretty much hides the category listing of free books. Luckily this site can along and made it easy browse in your favority genre.
2) Search for “Free”
Another way to find free ebooks is type the word “FREE” in the search bar of Amazon’s Kindle Store. After hitting that enter button, countless of books will now appear on your screen. These books are not by genre, they are order by relevance. To find that possible genre you’re looking for, you’ll have to check out the left-hand side of the website and click the “+See more” button at the end of the list and then viola, those genres are now awaiting you.
I’m giving you 2 ways to find free books in this article. But there are actually 9 WAYS! To learn about the other 7 ways see: How to Find Free Kindle Books.
Enjoy the free ebooks and happy reading, bookworms! ❤

xoxo,Tin ❤



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