Book Review: Under Rose-Tainted Skies

Under rose

Title: Under Rose-Tainted Skies
Author: Louise Gornall
Genre/s: Contemporary, Young Adult, Mental Health
Pages: 330 pages

“We can assume the best, but we can’t choose how people perceive us. We can, however, choose how those views affect us.”

At seventeen, Norah has accepted that the four walls of her house delineate her life. She knows that fearing everything from inland tsunamis to odd numbers is irrational, but her mind insists the world outside is too big, too dangerous. So she stays safe inside, watching others’ lives through her windows and social media feed.

But when Luke arrives on her doorstep, he doesn’t see a girl defined by medical terms and mental health. Instead, he sees a girl who is funny, smart, and brave. And Norah likes what he sees.

Their friendship turns deeper, but Norah knows Luke deserves a normal girl. One who can walk beneath the open sky. One who is unafraid of kissing. One who isn’t so screwed up. Can she let him go for his own good—or can Norah learn to see herself through Luke’s eyes?

My thoughts
This book has been all over the gram(Instagram) and I was really intrigued to read this book since I also included this on my #DiversityBingo2017 under the category of Main Character with an Invisible Disability. I read few books about mental health and this one is one of the first books that really lived up with my expectations. I love the way it was written.

While I was reading the book, I felt like I was in Norah’s head. This one is really true to life maybe it’s because the author itself experienced Agoraphobia, OCD, Anxiety and Self-Harm. I never knew that having this mental illness is worse than we or I thought because I myself haven’t experienced it first-hand. When all of us thought that having mental illness is not one of the worse sickness a person could have because sometimes we do stereotypes, we are wrong. This book just proves that mental illness along with other sickness is hard to overcome. I sometimes become really panic-y in some situations when I thought of worse outcomes but I just realized it now, how hard is it even for these people who are really experiencing this mental illness in their everyday lives.

The romance in this book just adds something to make the story become more beautiful. I love how it showed that even a person with mental illness can be loved and really deserves to be loved. Luke loved Norah because he thinks she’s beautiful, strong and smart, he doesn’t care even if Norah is mentally ill, he is just there patiently waiting for her to accept her, until she did. Mother to daughter love was also showcase in this book, which is one of my favorite parts. Her mother was very supportive to her and has been taking care of her because she was sick. Norah is really lucky to have a mom like her. I wish all people who have this mental illness has a very loving and supporting families, because these will be the people who would help them cope up with their everyday struggles, just like Norah.

What I just didn’t really like about this one is the ending was so rushed, but aside from that everything’s good. I recommend this if you guys want to read books that tapped the world of mental-illness, specifically Agoraphobia. Actually, you guys really need to read this beautiful book because we really need to read more diverse books in our lives. I would also highly recommend this to people who are experiencing agoraphobia since would really help them out a lot.


Rating 4

xoxo,Tin ❤


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