Spotlight Saturday: Once Upon A Book Club


My first Spotlight Saturday goes to… *drum rolls*, ONCE UPON A BOOK CLUB! ❤

Once Upon a Book Club is a US-based monthly subscription box that offers a newly released book to read for the month together with 3-5 individually wrapped gifts. The gifts included in the box have page numbers attached, where in readers can’t open the gifts unless they are already on the designated page number. These gifts are also connected with the book, they are mentioned in the book. Once Upon a Book Club have Young Adult boxes that has the ff. genre: Fantasy, Contemporary, Historical Fiction, Sci-Fi and Mystery while their Adult boxes has the ff. genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction and Historical Fiction.

The lovely ladies behind this amazing subscription box are Michelle, who is the mastermind behind the whole idea of Once Upon a Book Club and her assistant, Logan. Michelle handles nearly everything, including curating the Adult boxes in each month while Logan is the one who handles their social media accounts, answers queries of their customers and in charge of their Young Adult boxes. After Michelle read The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, she became inspired and thought that what if she could create something that makes you feel like you were physically a part of that world? At that moment, Once Upon a Book Club box was created.

Maybe you’re thinking that this is a paid post, but darling it’s not. I had been a representative for this company last Feb until April. I, myself had experienced the magic this company brings through their boxes. I genuinely love this company and I am writing this post based on my own experience. The idea of this box is glorious, they’re the only company that has the idea of including gifts mentioned in the book, and that’s what makes them unique in the sub box industry. They allows you to become the characters, holding items they are holding and bringing the book itself to life. They also have their monthly read-a-longs together with discussion questions that are posted on their social media accounts on designated days so that readers could voice out their opinions and interact with each other. I really enjoyed answering their discussion questions!

Here are some of my Once Upon a Book Club photos that I took before:

once feb
Once Upon a Book Club February box
once march
Once Upon a Book Club March box
once april
Once Upon a Book Club April box

One of the things that I love about this sub box is that most of the items included in their box are useful. By useful, I mean we can use it in our daily lives. One of my favorite item from the past boxes that I received was a blue wallet (photo below) included in their April box.

once wallet

For the past three months that I’ve been their rep, most of the books that was included in their Adult box was Historical Fiction. I have to admit it, I’m not a Historical Fiction reader since I’m more of a Contemporary, Romance and Fantasy baby, but after reading those three books, it made me want to read more Historical Fiction books and explore that genre. This just shows how good their book choices are. Also, random fact: they always have at least 20 books to choose from until they cut it to their book choice of the month.

My favorite box from the three would be the April box, not just because of the blue wallet but also because of the book. The Color of Our Sky by Amita Trasi is one of those diversity books since it fells under INDIAN MC (OWN VOICES). The story revolves around Mukta and Tara, two childhood friends—one struggling to survive the human slave trade and the other on a mission to save her. Aside from that, I also get a glimpse of the culture in India. I was able to chat with the lovely ladies behind this amazing sub box and I asked them their favorite past box: Michelle’s favorite was their February 2017 Adult Box since the book, From Sand and Ash by Amy Harmon became her favorite and the items were both practical and historical, as for Logan, her favorite was The Ringmaster’s Wife by Kristy Cambron, which was their October 2016 box, she love this box because it was her first time to experience the Magic in putting together everything with Michelle.

Over all, I L O V E this sub box company and I would gave it a perfect 5 stars. I will surely order one of their boxes in the near future. If you want to experience something magical and maybe experience a life of the character for a moment, then I suggest you guys should hit their subscribe button now.

You can subscribe here. Don’t forget to check out their instagram and facebook pages too. Before I forget, they are also having their rep search for the month of August, September and October, so better check their instagram. You might want to enter and who know’s luck might be on your side. 😉

I hope you guys love my first Spotlight Saturday! ❤



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