Blog U P D A T E

Hello amazing bookworms! 🙂

It’s been awhile since I last posted. It was last year when I told you guys that I would be active here again but then school ate me alive, but thank God I survived. Last May 28 2017, I graduated from college and ever since then I’m active on my bookstagram and this time, I wanted to go back and be active with blogging again. This time, I promise I would be active every month, I need too, right? Haha. Since I would be back, I need to post weekly and because of that I decided to have SPOTLIGHT SATURDAY.

SPOTLIGHT SATURDAY is a weekly feature, and yes, posts will be published every Saturday. I don’t know if this Spotlight Saturday is available in other blogs, may it be here in our bookish community or outside our community since I haven’t really researched about it, but if you guys know someone who started this one (IF there is), then please let me know. Basically, Spotlight Saturday is featuring different things, one Saturday it may feature one indie author, another Saturday it may feature a bookish shop online, another might be about our local bookstore, or it can also be about a bookstagrammer or bloggers. The possibility and topics are really endless. I actually thought about this right now and I think this would help me become active in blogging community again, aside from posting book reviews, wrap-ups, hauls, and events.

I also decided to write a post about my monthly-wrap ups & monthly hauls. I may or may not post a review of every single book I’ve and will read but surely I would include some short thoughts about every book I read in my monthly-wrap ups.

Another thing is, since I’ve been repping for some companies both locally and internationally, I will also include here my full unboxing of the subscription boxes and other bookish stuff that I will get in the future together with my thoughts about that shop and the links where you could buy. It will be tagged under the category: STUFF UNBOXING.

If you guys also want to see something here in my blog, I am open and would love your suggestions. I hope you guys are having a lovely day/night. ❤



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