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#VICTORIAAVEYARDinPH was held at National Bookstore Glorietta 1 last March 6,2016.

On the day itself I woke up late, 4am, yes I was already late by that time since I was supposed to wake up at 3am and leave by 4am. I took a quick shower and I was ready to leave by 4:30am. I arrived at the venue quarter to 5am. Luckily the line was not yet long.

The waiting game is the worst part when going to a book signing, thank goodness I have my fellow bookstagrammers to accommodate me. It was my first time to meet these new group of amazing bookworms except for Angela, who I already met last #CTCinPH. It’s amazing how we talk to each other, just like catching up with an old friend.


While waiting for National Bookstore to open, there was an ongoing contest hosted by National Bookstore on twitter, just a few random questions about books. National Bookstore finally opened at 10am and then the registration started. I was 94th in the line. I know, I know, I was early yet I’m 94th.


At 2:30pm, Victoria Aveyard arrived at Glorietta. The crowd gone wild, cheering for Victoria Aveyard. The question & answer started, and here are some of the questions during the event:

Question: As you write your books, do you already have an idea of how certain things are going to happen, what turns particular characters have or does it just happen as you plan things out?

V: The very first outline for Red Queen had that particular twist. So, I usually fill the big things when I outline and then when I start I finally start writing romance as I write the story but the big stuff is always there from the beginning.

Question: Your book has a lot of action scenes; how do you translate what you envision in your head into words?

V: Luckily I’m a very visual writer so it’s a little bit easier for me. I have to draw out fight scenes usually.

Question: Team Cal or Team Maven? *crowds cheer Maven, Maven*

V: I’m team Mare.

image2 (1)

Her message to all the fans who attended the signing:

V: I feel Justin Bieber right now. You guys are amazing, this is insane, I’m so flattered and humble by your country. Thank you so much for coming. Thank you, thank you, and thank you so much National bookstore.

After that quick question and answer, what all of us are waiting for started, the signing.



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Did you know that there was a thousand people who attended the signing? And yes, Victoria was so patient to sign them all. Try thinking about it, if all of us have 3 books each (Red Queen, Glass Sword, and Cruel Crown) then more or less Victoria signed almost three thousand books!

My #VICTORIAAVEYARDinPH signing wouldn’t be complete and full of laughter if these amazing bookworms are not with me. From left to right Ate Mel, me, MarshJudeAngela and Ate Nicay.

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Shoutout also to KhayIsabel and Allen whom I met during the event.

The event was almost successful, I just want to call the attention of National Bookstore, the venue was disaster. They should’ve known that it was a signing, that there would be more than a hundred people going not just 40 or such. I hope next time they would improve their venue, maybe on the events place so that all of us are sitting in chairs not on floors. But then, thank you National Bookstore for bringing Victoria Aveyard here in Philippines.

All in all, I’m grateful that I attended this signing and finally met the queen in person. ❤



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