Book Review: Some of the Parts

some of the partss

Title: Some of the Parts

Author: Hannah Barnaby

Genre/s: Young Adult, Conetemporary

Pages: 293 pages

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Sometimes the things you think will make you better, just aren’t the things you need.



Sometimes bad things happen, and we are not the same when they are over.

For months, Tallie McGovern has been coping with the death of her older brother the only way she knows how: by smiling bravely and pretending that she’s okay. She’s managed to fool her friends, her parents, and her teachers so far, yet she can’t even say his name out loud: “N—” is as far as she can go. But when Tallie comes across a letter in the mail, it only takes two words to crack the careful façade she’s built around herself:


Two words that had apparently been checked off on her brother’s driver’s license; two words that her parents knew about—and never confided to her. All at once, everything Tallie thought she understood about her brother’s death feels like a lie. And although a part of her knows he’s gone forever, another part of her wonders if finding the letter might be a sign. That if she can just track down the people on the other end of those two words, it might somehow bring him back.


This book is so close to reality. I didn’t experience it firsthand, but of course when our special someone dies we will never be the same. Tallie was having a hard time coping up with her brother’s death. She felt like she needed to do something, something that she thought her brother wanted her to do. She can’t accept the reality that her brother was dead, and when she knew that her parents gave his brother’s organs to other patients, she decided to find them.

She became “the girl whose brother died” for quite a while, and even some of her clique became distant, professors pity her and let her catch up with school works. Almost everyone gave their sympathy to her every single time. She was tired of all those, and one friend remained by her side, Mel, who she felt safe with, who doesn’t question her at all and acts normal around her. And then she met Chase, who helped her with her search for the patients who received her brother’s organs.

All throughout the search, she did everything she could – lied as her mother to reach the patients, travelled away to meet the patients, made Chase’s father help her and a lot of other things that she could. At the end, truths revealed, her parents knew everything, and she realized that she needs to face reality, even though facing reality means living without her brother.

What I loved about this novel is that there will always be some people who will stay by your side even when you are at the lowest point of your life, like how Mel stayed by her side and tried to understand her. Sometimes, we feel safe being with that someone who will not bombard us with questions – just someone who will stay by our side.

In life, even if something terrible happened to us, we need to move on with our lives, we need to accept the fact that something changed and it will never be the same.


Rating: 3/5+


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