Good bye 2015, Hello 2016!


Good bye 2015, Hello 2016!

Less than an hour here in the Philippines and it’s already 2016. How fast 2015 passed by, just like that. A lot of things happened to me this 2015, and starting a blog and a bookstagram is two of the best things that happened to me, no regrets.

I started bookstagram first before I started a blog. I was actually having fun on checking out the #booksph on bookstagram and seeing a lot of beautiful bookish photos and then some time in May, May 9 2015 to be exact, I decided to join the bookstagram community, the word itself, a book community on Instagram. I started out with a few books, because I was actually a fan of reading ebooks, but then as time passed by, I bought physical copies of books from time to time and I didn’t notice how many books are piling up on my tbr. From becoming a bookstagrammer, I decided to open a blog so that I could keep track of my reviews, and that’s that start of my blog, on July 2015.

I love how much I grow this year, I’ve learned a lot of things, know new books, read quite a lot (30 for me) books, meet new internet friends in person and of course, attended my first ever book signing experience. The first ever book signing event that I attended was CTCinPH, Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher and Christine Brae, and at the same event, was the first time I met my fellow bookstagrammers. Time and again I keep on meeting new friends, amazing new bookish gals and guys who can fangirl with me. I also just started my twitter account where I meet new amazing individuals, and right there I started on blog hopping, and that’s the time I realized “I want to be a legit book blogger”, and by that I mean I just don’t like to post reviews, I also want to explore more options, and this coming 2016, I decided on joining other reading challenge, I will also keep up with my Top Ten Tuesday, and hopefully sometime in the future, I will add other bookish talk on my blog to be more active.

I hope you guys are celebrating and enjoying New Year with your love ones. Cheers to another amazing year, 2016! ❤


What I posted on my Instagram:

To all the authors and publishers who sent me their book/s to review over the past months, thank you so much for trusting me and giving me a chance to review your works, I hope that I could work with you guys again! 💖

For every amazing bookish gal/guy who’ve I met in person or had a few conversations over instagram direct / twitter / Facebook, I hope we will have a stronger friendship next year, and fangirl together! 💓 and to those I haven’t met yet, I hope to see you guys soon! 😌

To everyone who keeps on liking my pictures and commenting on my posts, you guys are the reason why I don’t leave bookstagram, you guys are the inspiration why I always wanted my pictures to look great. I want to let you know that, you guys are my friends not just a follower, because we always fangirl together. Thank you. 😚

Happy New Year everyone! 🎉🍷🍾 Come and get a glass of Doña Elena, cheers to 2016, more books to read and receive🍷I hope you guys are enjoying your time with your families and loved ones. ☺️👋🏻


P.S. Fangirl is what I’m reading right now, and I guess I will finish it next year. 😉



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