Book Review: Winter’s Bride


Title: Winter’s Bride

Author: Nellie C. Lind

Genre/s: Fantasy, Romance

Pages: 306

Buy it: Amazon

He was a dream that had come true.



The Winter Lord is a man like no other. He rules the world together with the Summer Lady, the Autumn Lord and the Lady of Spring. That alone says that the Winter Lord is the wrong man to fall in love with, but Dawn loves him anyway.

The last thing Dawn expects is to be placed inside the Winter Lord’s prison because of a minor dispute. When he visits her and asks her to marry him, Dawn knows that nothing will ever be the same again. Her entire world is put into a spin, but soon, she realizes that things aren’t as they should be. The Winter Lord is hiding something, and when the truth is revealed, she understands that only one thing can save her life …



Did I tell you that I finished the book in a day? Yes! This is one of those books that you can’t put down once you started reading it, until you come to the last page. I can’t lie, I’m so in love with the cover! It’s one of the gorgeous covers I’ve ever seen.

I really don’t have a thing for 3rd POV, usually when I read a book with a 3rd POV it took me so long to finish the book, but this book didn’t! I love how it was well written, to think that it’s on a 3rd POV. I can visualize perfectly the town of Evermore and the castle.

At first it was hard for me to understand the backgrounds of the elders and how things work for them, but as I read I slowly understand how things work, the reason for the wedding because Aura is dying and she needs a new body to transfer her soul. The four Elders Audren, The Winter Lord, Aura, The Summer Lady, Onyx, The Autumn Lord, and Seva, The Lady of Spring came from different worlds and they arrive long before so that they can rule and change things for better. They also have different powers.

The characters were lovable and interesting. Dawn’s pure and innocent love for Audren is like your first love, that even though he’s far away, just looking at him from behind makes you happy already. Audren on the other hand will make you want to fall in love with him. I wouldn’t forget Onyx! I really hated him at first, but then at the end he really have a good side within him. I also love Eric, he is a very supportive brother.

At the end, I realize that even the coldest hearts can warm and love other people no matter what. It was my first time to read a book from this author, and she hooked me. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series and other books from this author.

Rating: 4/5


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