#CTCinPH Book Signing + Love Advice from Colleen, Tarryn & Christine!


I was a member of a group in Facebook where they post updates about the said event. I saw a post which said that some will camp out while others will be at SM Megamall as early as 3am.

I woke up at 3am earlier, then I leave the house at 3:40am just to arrive at SM Megamall before 4:30. Since it was very early in the morning there were no traffic, my ride was just less than 30 mins from Sta. Mesa Manila to Megamall. I know! How I wish there was no traffic in our everyday life especially here in the Philippines. Haha.

At exactly 4:09am I arrived at SM Megamall, and Angela, Ate Janna with Ate Arra was already there. I joined the girls and started chatting with them. There were already a few people sitting and waiting when I got there, less than 80 I guess. We waited in front of the entrance of SM Megamall building A. People arrived from time to time, and by 8am there were already 200 hundred or more of us there waiting.

My waiting game wasn’t hell at all, with my bookstagram friends with me, it was just like a few hours. Did you know that it was my first to meet my bookstagram friends? I was very happy to meet them! There were shy moments at first, but as hours passed by, we talked and talked about random things – but mostly about books – like we were friends for almost 2-3 years.

By quarter to 10am, the line was already moving as the mall entrance opened. We were lined by number, and I was at the 104th. We were lucky to have a seat in the event because it was only limited to less than 150 – I think. When the registration inside was already starting and it was my turn, I got a signing pass numbered 111.


image1 (2)


We just waited in the event area until 2pm then there comes Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher and Christine Brae. The crowd was really cheering and giving them a very warm welcome as they go up the stage. There was a 30 minutes interview for the three authors.

One question was: What’s your advice about Love?

Colleen: Don’t try to rush it. Don’t Settle.

Tarryn: I am not good at love, and you guys should give me advice about love, I mean if you’ve read my books, I’ll probably need some help.

Christine: You’d always know.

*Question to Christine: But if you’re torn between two lovers? Is it possible to love two?

Christine: Yes you can love two people at the same time, different kind of love and don’t ever feel guilty about it.


image4 (1)

When the clock strikes at 2:30pm the Q&A ended, and the book signing started!

My heart, mind and soul is very happy to see Colleen & Tarryn! I was able to hug Tarryn too! Even though it was just a few minutes to talk to the authors, it was already enough. That very happy, satisfied, mixed feelings you felt every after author have signed your book. And yes, this is the first book signing I’ve attended and probably not the last.



image8 (1)

Since I am in the 111 line, we finished before 4pm! Before we go home, I and my bookstagram friends took a group picture.


(L-R) Ate Lei (@lei_reads), Ate Janna (@bibliophile.mom), Ate Arra (@arrabelreads), Ate Jovel (@travelthrubooks), Angela (@alegnareads__) and Ate Eunice (@nerdytalksbookblog) Please do check out their IG accounts if you have time.

I can say that this was really a successful event. Even though we all woke up early and waited for hours, it was all worth it. I can’t wait to attend another book signing!




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