#NBSGreatWarehouseSale 2015 Experience

A week ago, National Bookstore announced on their social networking sites that there would be a warehouse sale “The Great Warehouse Sale” in Quezon Avenue. The sale was up to 90% off on books, supplies and gift items.

whsaleYesterday, I asked my sister if she could come with me today(8/14/15) to the warehouse sale and she agreed.

Earlier today, we woke up at 7am and leave the house at 7:50am. We rode lrt-trycle-fx and then we finally arrive at the warehouse sale at 8:40am. There was already a long line outside. I thought we were the first batch, but then I was wrong. By 9am, the line was moving, when it was our time to enter the store, they stopped us saying that the 4th floor was already crowded. We waited a little bit longer then the line starts to move again. It was 9:30 when we arrived at the 4th floor. It was not really crowded yet because it was still early. What we were given when we arrived are big boxes instead of carts because all the carts was taken by the early birds. Me and my sister decided to split to find the books we wanted to buy.

The warehouse sale was heaven for us book worms! There are a lot of books to choose from! Too bad, we were not *EARLY* because almost all the great books were not available anymore. I kept on roaming around the area to find a good haunt. Time flies so fast and more people are coming in and that’s the time the area got so crowded. By the time I decided to pay for the books it was already 11:20am something, and yes the line was incredibly long. It was until 12:18pm when we got at the cashier.

image2 (1)3 hours was not really enough for me. I could’ve stayed there the whole day if it wasn’t that crowded. But the long lines and the crowded area was really worth it because me and my sister scored really a lot of great deals.


image1 (2)


image1 (1)I would really love to comeback there if only I just have enough money but I need to save some money for the upcoming MIBF on September. Anyways, the sale is until August 18 2015! You guys still have 4 more days to visit the warehouse sale. I suggest you visit the sale if you can and if you have time. There are really a lot of great books there you just need to find it. And please don’t forget to bring a bag full of patience with you. I also suggest that you go there early to avoid long lines and very crowded in the afternoon.

Again, Thank you so much National Bookstore for this year’s warehouse sale. It was really one of the “Great”-est warehouse sales this year. I can’t wait for next year!

Cheers! ❤



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